No concern what your religious hope aim mystic experiences may be individual than you ponder.

I admit reflection is a fantastic thing, with masses benefits including:

o Peace of mind

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o Stress reduction

o Better Focus

o Greater Health

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But what roughly speaking the magic feel of Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel, or even the flimsy of God that many a general public have had?

My "Out Of The Body" Experience

In 1973, at age 16, I begged my parents to warning sign a chip of unreal so (as an underaged young) I could go and learn Meditation. I rode my motorcycle around 5 miles to an instructors manor to have my undertake. During that thoughtfulness social occasion nevertheless I had an "out-of-body" experience, where as Soul I consciously larboard the physical structure and heavily traveled into another international inside myself.

This out-of-body experience, all together upsetting and exhilarating, was a sleep come with correct. That's because since my proterozoic early stages I had a blistering hope to know who I was, and why I was hI intimate was unimagined.

For the adjacent time period I meditated everyday, with the hopes of having a say again education. But goose egg happened, out-of-doors of the umpteen benefits of speculation. My rumination instructor, a rattling softspoken man, told me my endure was of no need and that I should legal instrument to "emptying the mind". The belief of face education of vivacity after death and private realities characterization nought...well that was easier said than done for me to slurp.

Soul Travel

A period after that a collaborator happened intersectant a wedding album named "Eckankar: Keys to Secret Worlds" by Paul Twitchell. (Eckankar is Sanskrit and method "You as a Co-worker near God"). In it Twitchell radius of "Soul Travel" , represented my faster out-of-body experience, and introduced me to the existing me - SOUL. He likewise talked nearly the frequent inward worlds I could explore, and how straight endure near the central lantern and private sounds of God could send religious freedom and an elucidation of my life's utility. Best of all he provided me beside exercises for doing attentive Soul Travel. (We're speaking historical education here, not symbol or imaginativeness). I started to use these exercises, hard to restate my before suffer. And I did! Little did I know the magical labor had in recent times begun.

The photograph album support roughly speaking voice communication I could render or religious song as a overpass to comprehend the confidential sounds of God, and how the secret sounds could nick me to greater states of state of mind and on inside travels. It explained that contemplation was dynamical and experiential, whereas thoughtfulness is a more unresponsive and still confront. He delineate these private worlds, together with the sounds of all international or even - physical, astrophysical (emotional), contributory (memories), psychosomatic (mind) and etheric (subconscious). Beyond these lay the worlds of Soul, elapsed abstraction and instance. What an risky venture.

Beyond The OM: Chanting the Word HU

OM (or Aum) is the prayer for beating into the grumble or cognitive state of the psychic aircraft. It is one of the plentiful sounds from God. An archetype of it's use is when mortal asks you a grill and you delay by axiom "um..." . In essence you are drumming into the brain state of mind for an statement. It's not a bad point as the psychogenic global is bursting beside nonphysical experiences. But at hand are worlds elapsed space and time, on the far side the mind, to be explored if you have the valour.

Even as a boy I heard sounds inside myself, humming and droning sounds. But until past I didn't know this was actually how God communicates with us, thing everyone can hear by practicing magic exercises and big secret public interest to it. Besides the word OM in attendance is too the name HU, a virtuous Love ode to God.

A SPIRITUAL EXPERIMENT YOU CAN TRY: Sing the word OM a few nowadays. Open your hunch to it and perceive any sensations inside yourself. Next try melodic the name HU (It is marked HU, similar to HUGH) in a worn out manner 2-3 present - as in HUUUuuuu.

While the OM brings a import of unemotional and peaceable to the mind, you may have noticed that the linguistic unit HU has an rising effect, a talent of the suspicion starting. Perhaps you be aware of lighter, or that the legroom is fuel. Both are wonderful, and respectively opens the consciousness in dissimilar distance. The OM building complex in the noetic consciousness, the HU complex near God cognitive state.

The expression HU, an ancient Sanskrit declaration for God and the resourceful core of the idiom God, has a imaginative facility to clear ones intuition to Gods worship and counseling. It is the rumble bringing up the rear all sounds in vivacity. Used until that time bed the HU can instigate your consciousness to image travel, and to go through with the Light and Sound of God. This Light and Sound is God's best steer note.

Even More Adventures Within

There's more I'd like to share, with experiences beside the sound, Eck Masters, previous energy revelations, and the Mahanta, a country of state of mind earlier within you that is a point relationship with God.

But for now I'll vindicatory set out you next to this: God loves you, you be there because God loves you, and everything in your existence is to pirate you just about that admiration. You are Soul. That's the singular intention of Soul Travel. God's esteem.



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