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Arjuna is a high ligneous plant which is highly worthy in Ayurvedic drug. It has been filmed since incredibly old contemporary world when it was referred to as nadisarja and was used as a internal organ tenseness. The large Indian individual of past medicine, Vagabhatta, was the original to use the bark of the arjuna for suspicion ailments.

The arjuna is endemic to India, but is likewise found in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It is saved mostly neighbor marshy areas. It can achieve up to a largeness of 20 to 27 meters. Its quantity describe is Terminalia mythical being.

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All surround of the arjuna are central in Ayurvedic medical specialty. Its natural covering is the most valuable, which gives a milky white sap when cut. The cover contains a precious alkaloid, which is called as the arjunine. Other chemicals in arjuna are arjunetin, lactone, sugars and various essential oils.


The successive properties of arjuna breed it necessary in Ayurvedic medicine:-

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(i) Arjuna has chilling and tonic effects, and thence it is invaluably in use as a viscus stimulative.

(ii) Arjuna helps in humour natural process. So it can be in use in prominent harm.

(iii) Arjuna is a diuretic. It is used in removing calculi, which are excretory organ and excretory product stones.

(iv) Arjuna improves the organic process and activate of the digestive juice in the natural object.

(v) Arjuna has acerbic properties.

(vi) Arjuna is believed to be an aphrodisiac, but these properties are not yet studied conclusively.


Arjuna has been in use in the pursuing disorders:-

(i) Acne

Arjuna is potent in the salutary of pimples. Here arjuna is nearly new for peripheral authority. The pulverized bark is an assortment of next to chromatic and practical on the pimples. This helps in the fast improvement from skin disease.

(ii) Asthma

Arjuna is a swell Ayurvedic remediation for asthmatic patients. The bark of the mythical being is fine powdery and stores in an air-tight vessel. This powder is to be consumed after a vigorous which is crushed by a substance of condensed dairy product in rice, famed as kheer. Twelve grams of the pulverisation of the mythical being yap is to be sprinkled terminated the kheer. The somebody essential nod off solitary xii hours after ingestion this. This is reasoned to be a ongoing antidote for bronchial asthma.

(iii) Bone fractures

Arjuna yelp is successful in the attention of bony fractures and contusions. The soil of the covering is interpreted with honey.

(iv) Digestive Problems

In cases of symptom and dysentery, the character is specified a boiling of 15 to 30 grams of the arjuna covering.

(v) Earache

Arjuna can heal earache problems. The liquid of the warm leaves of the mythical being is extracted and is put into the ear bead by small indefinite amount. A small indefinite quantity of drops all time is sufficient to victuals earaches.

(vi) Heart Disorders

The paramount use of arjuna is made in the usage of heart ailments. Arjuna has a terrific uplifting conduct on the heart. For this reason, it is utilized in the reporting of viscus letdown and lump. Ayurvedic physicians visit arjuna tonics to folks who have intuition provisos.

Here's one way in which arjuna is previously owned for the coverage of heart patients:

A three-ply part of the cover is interpreted and put in drink. This is made into a colorless boiling. This is to be interpreted every antemeridian before consumption anything other.

Alternatively, the dirt of the yelp of the arjuna essential be taken all morning on an hollow front in quantities of 1 to 2 grams next to drink and jaggery.

(vii) Loss of Libido

Arjuna is believed to be an aphrodisiacal. Hence, a earth of this yelp is prescribed to men and women who have low physical attraction. The powder must be taken next to milk and endlessly for a one fundamental quantity of occurrence for it to variety personal effects.

(viii) Skin Problems

Due to its astringent properties, mythical being is nearly new for the aid of leather teething troubles such as sores and ulcers. A stewing of the herb is fitted out and is practical externally terminated the sores and ulcers. Treatment is prompt compared to new methods.

(ix) Syphilis

A boiling of the arjuna herbaceous plant is practical to syphilitic sores. This reduces the symptoms of the syphilitic sores and immunodeficiency in total riddance of the sickness from the organic structure.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations


Arjunarishta is fitted out from the citation of the leaves and yelp of the arjuna works. It is a soft tenseness that is nearly new primarily in the conduct of heart diseases. Six teaspoonfuls of this tension are taken twice every day after meals with hose down in identical amounts. This is brilliant redress for hridaroga (heart diseases) due to all the three doshic imbalances, i.e. vataja, pittaja and kaphaja.

Arjuna ghrita

Arjuna ghrita is preconditioned by frying the yap of the arjuna in cow's drawn butter. This is given to the patients of bosom diseases in dosages of one spoon two times in a day. Preferably, the ghrita essential be fixed on an deserted belly beside hot beverage.


Arjuna must be avoided by obese society. Arjuna has a susceptibility to accumulate the fat pleased of the physical structure. Especially in the case of obese people, the consumption of arjuna may do more than unhealthiness to the vessel convention than benefits.

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