Most Americans can't conceptualise that officials at the superlative levels of the U.S. Government would butchery thousands of its own citizens to early an verifiable schedule. We should all, fundamentally carefully, muse once more...
In 1962, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff nem con proposed state-sponsored book of terrorism on American soil, AGAINST American citizens.

The boss of both arm of the U.S. armed forces gave cursive applause to plumbing fixture U.S. ships, shoot downfield hijacked American planes, and gun fluff and open fire on civilians on the streets of Washington, D.C., and Miami.

The impression was to lay blame on the self-inflicted act of terrorism on Cuba's leader, Fidel Castro, so the American public-and the international community-would beg and yell for the marines to thunderstorm Havana. Another help would be the billow of chauvinism that would goading American teens to interweave the Army, do the combat-ready and dying, and official document family with blood-filled stumps in plant of their limbs. But, put simply, starting a war beside communist Cuba was the motivation for the Pentagon's Northwoods invent.

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Operation Northwoods

The open7 scholarly in the order of Operation Northwoods 35 eld ulterior when the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board unclassified the Top Secret text.

Among remaining things, Operation Northwoods proposed:

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  • Faking the clank of an American passenger jet aircraft. The end of the world was to be capable by faking a trade running away from the U.S. to Jamaica, and having the jumbo boarded at a public landing field by CIA agents covert as body students going on vacation. An clear unmanned jumbo jet would travel the commercialized formation as it larboard Florida. The trade flight's pilots would radio for help, bring up that they had been attacked by a Cuban fighter, then arrive in not to be mentioned at Eglin AFB. The blank unmanned level would consequently be moving out of the sky and the exoteric would be told all the broke school students onboard were killed. (Note: This was the popular evaluation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.)
  • Using a practical NASA disaster-astronaut John Glenn's death-as a pretense to motorboat the war. The design titled for "manufacturing an assortment of pieces of attestation which would turn out physical science intrusion on the portion of the Cubans" if something went improper near NASA's ordinal manned abstraction motorboat.
  • To turn around neighbor countries against Cuba, trick Cuban planes would be utilized to weapons system the Dominican Republic. The U.S. idea titled for mistreatment actual Soviet bombs, and intercepting counterfeit Cuban weaponry shipments, such that the frame-up of Cuba would be full.
  • Blowing up buildings in Washington and Miami. Cuban agents (undercover CIA agents) would be arrested, and they would squeal to the bombings. In addition, untrue documents proving Castro's responsibility in the attacks would be "found" and given to the pinch.
  • Blowing up a U.S. battleship in Cuban waters when Cuban planes and ships are in the area, so they can be infernal. A pseudo air/sea rescue commercial activity was planned, as symptomless as counterfeit funerals and forged traveler lists published in the Main Stream Media to "cause a hearty motion of political unit outrage." The written document actually mentions how a connatural incident-the descent of the USS Maine-successfully started the Spanish American War in 1898.
  • Attacking an American soldierly dais in Guantanamo beside CIA recruits posing as Cuban mercenaries. This entangled processing up the arms depot, and would patently consequence in stuff compensation and lots late American force. As a second resort, the blueprint even mentioned bribing one of Castro's commanders to unskilled person the Guantanamo salvo.

That last point deserves repeating: the Pentagon considered using our tax dollars to inducement other country's subject to charge our own force in dictation to incite a full-scale war.

Operation Northwoods Rejected

Operation Northwoods was one and only one of respective policy low the comprehensive of Operation Mongoose.

Shortly after the Joint Chiefs signed and given the thought in March 1962, President Kennedy, nonmoving stinging from the Bay of Pigs fiasco, professed that he would ne'er sanction a field penetration of Cuba.

In September, Kennedy denied the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Lyman Lemnitzer, a 2d residence as the nation's highest-ranking defence force military officer. And by the wintertime of 1963, Kennedy was dead...killed, ironically, by a Cuban communicator in the streets of an American municipality.

Even more ironically, in 1975 President Ford appointed inactive General Lyman Lemnitzer to the Commission on CIA Activities to make enquiries whether the CIA had committed acts that violated American laws.

Further Reading

The thorough unclassified Top Secret text can be publication at George Washington University's online archive:



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