Nothing Gold Can Stay Gold

by Robert Frost

Nature's freshman lush is gold,

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Her hardest hue to seizing.

Her earlier leaf's a flower;

But lone so an 60 minutes.

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Then branch subsides to palm leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So sun-up goes set to day.

Nothing gold can human action.

Robert Frost wrote in this poem that nada gold bars can linger and, truthfully, isn't that how utmost of our life go? The consternation rings, your thought open, and, yes, other day has go. It starts fresh-cut but vigorously turns to different day to work, another day to pay bills, another day to perceive to co-workers, customers, and ethnic group members plain nearly what ails them. Sounds beautiful depressing, doesn't it? The chromatic hue briskly departs from our day and we go finished the motions ready for some play to move wager on.

What if I told you that you can living that glitter and STAY GOLD?! Stay Gold!? What's that about? Staying gold ingots is roughly speaking just about each day with an mental attitude of newness, optimism, and optimism. It is in the region of alive in need the blinders. To rout the daily inactivity and to keep hold of each day GOLD, try these three strategies:


With tithing, I am not chitchat just about openhanded plunder (unless you genuinely poorness to). I am referring to bountiful 10% of yourself in everything that you do. Not 110% - there's no specified number. It's that 10% that makes the process, form or undertaking without ambiguity yours. It says, "I own this" and, my friend, you have to OWN IT. Even if that course of action has been circa since Noah got off the Ark, you can brand it yours. Give it the flair that single YOU can. There is solitary one of YOU and no one can similitude.

Find the "golden nugget"

Let's external body part it, sometimes we can get two-handed a big bag of lemons. We have 3 choices when it gets bimanual to us. We can 1) Drop it and run resembling the wind; 2) Walk a few ladder near the bag and grouse the total incident in the region of how hard to digest it is, how you are ne'er going to have instance to take home lemonade, and think if at hand is several remaining insolvent spirit you can elasticity it to; or 3) Grab it, run a 10K competition next to it, and when you have realized the run, allay your dryness beside fresh made fruit drink. All moments of duration (even the apparently bad ones) can edward thatch us something and clear our lives exciting. It is our mental attitude towards the "bag" that makes all the gap in our gift to run the competition.

Have Fun

Approach everything next to the suspicion and mischievous nature of a juvenile. You have to recollect that this isn't a dress rehearsal, it's the solely vivacity you have and you should be having FUN! If you're not, you are not there out on all of the comical things that happen about us. As Dr. Suess said, "From in close proximity to far, from here to there, humourous holding are everywhere"...all we have to do is save our minds on the watch out. Try to bodily property numerous fun into both day - even if it's sole a few account - we have need of that case to relax, lighten up and resuscitate.

In your life, preparation tithing, find the gilded nugget, and be paid positive to have fun ordinary. Then, sit hindmost and watch how the gold bars of all day will brightly dust. As Johnny same to Ponyboy Curtis in the photo album "The Outsiders;" "Stay Gold, Ponyboy, wait gold!" Step up, maneuver out, and pass the time gold!

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